31 days away from comparison island


Day 2: Definitions

Day 3: What is comparison taking from us?

Day 4: Reasons to change 

Day 5: Fun Comparison Friday (Homemade Deodorant)

Day 6: Food for thought

Day 8: An incomparable love

Day 9: Why we love comparison island

Day 10: Entering in

Day 11: Kicking and screaming

Day 12: Fun comparison Friday (Homemade pizza dough)

Day 13: Life without comparison

Day 15: Lance Armstrong

Day 16: A trip to the zoo

Day 17: Right and wrong

Day 18: Step 1

Day 19: Fun comparison Friday (Veggies vs Meat)

Day 20: Full stop

Day 22: Rock by rock

Day 23: Unplug

Day 24: Permission granted

Day 25: Now what? 

Day 26: Fun Comparison Friday (baking at home)

Day 29: The practice of thankfulness

Day 30: Laundry, a case study

Day 31: The vows we make

Who doesn’t dream of being stranded on a desert island? The warm sun on your face, a cool breeze against your skin, the feel of powdery sand in between your toes and of course, crystal clear water ready for leisurely swims. Having lived on an island most of my growing up years, no one needs to convince me of a beach holiday’s positives.

I was thinking about island living this past month of silence, and thinking in particular about my own struggle with comparison and I realized that a lifestyle of comparison is a bit like living on an island, except this isn’t an island out of your paradise fantasies. There is nothing restful here. The foliage is overgrown in places, barren in others. The beach is rocky, hard, and unpleasant to the feet. Ocean waters aren’t clear, and the sea is murky. This island isn’t known for beauty, only a subversive ugliness. But how long have I lived my life from this terrible place? Too long.

One of the blogs I stumbled across in September is The Nester’s blog, The Nesting Place, a wonderful place that satisfied plenty of my design cravings. She mentioned that in October she does a 31 Days challenge – pick your theme, a link up and blog daily in October on the theme.

I’m doing it, and it will be my own challenge to myself as I face the issue of comparison in my own life in the next 31 days. There will still be posts about food, life, love and other things, but I’m hoping to find a way to connect them to the topic of comparison. Let’s see how this goes.

Hopefully you will enjoy the ride away from comparison island, and here’s to hoping we won’t return in the future.

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