You can have a driver's license and a passport and not feel like a grown up.


We all have more Growing up to do

It’s not easy to be a grown up. It’s not easy to act like a grown up. I’m a writer, and I put words to the thoughts and feelings we experience but don’t say out loud. I’m here to help name our growing up and to equip you to live as a grown up in the world today.

I grew up in a conservative, evangelical home as a Sri Lankan missionary kid in the Philippines, and while there were ways it shaped me for good, it did not give me the skills I needed to navigate life as a grown up.

The Sunday School version of myself would be surprised to find that life is full of heartbreak, disease, and death. She didn’t know that you could do the wrong things, and life could still work out. She didn’t know that making all the right choices can still lead to disappointment .

I grew up in the Philippines and Northwest Arkansas. After four years of university in Arkansas, I moved to Melbourne, Australia for a few years. Then I traveled around the world. I met my husband in Switzerland during that year of travel, and it was our first home after marriage and two kids. Then we moved to Sweden  and in 2015 back to Melbourne.

Yes, I’ve lived at least two years in six countries and four continents, and yes, it changes the way I see the world.

I’m an introvert who spends her time reading, gardening, cooking, and trying to win at chess with my one son while crafting with the other one. I’m trying to work my way out of our family soccer team.  

If a more formal bio is your thing, Devi Abraham is a writer, thinker, and podcaster. Her writing has been featured in Religion News Service, ABC Everyday, Sojourners, and Fathom, and she also teaches writing workshops in Melbourne. Devi has a Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and History and loves reading, cooking, and gardening.  She lives and writes  with her family on the land of the Wurundjeri People of Kulin Nations in Melbourne, Australia

Life shapes our words and you will feel that in this space.

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