cooking for every day: two-minute noodles

Somewhere in between Stockholm and Germany and Melbourne, I stopped cooking. Mostly it was because I was in other people’s homes, and also because I was happy to have someone else take up the kitchen work. But last February, I started cooking regularly again, and every time I chopped an onion or peeled a strip … Read more cooking for every day: two-minute noodles

getting my groove back

Well, hello there. It feels like it’s been a long time. Starting a blog post after a long absence always feels awkward. What to share? What to leave out? Is an explanation even necessary? Survival Mode has been the name of my game in the past few months, and it doesn’t leave room for ¬†anything … Read more getting my groove back


I guess you can call this “A Few Hours in the Life…” or “How We Eat Something Other Than Frozen Pizza.” (The recipe for a fabulous salad is part of the post…you just have to hunt for the pieces like a treasure because I have zero time to write it all out.) I can’t remember … Read more lunch

open table

University students have lower standards for food and home decor than most people, but even as a lowly freshman, I knew I walked into something special when I first set foot in Jo’s home. The mother of one of my closest friends from that year, Jo embraced all into her home with open arms, a … Read more open table

date night

Everyone, it seemed, told me that a weekly date night was the key to a happy, long-term marriage. “It’s time you set apart for you and your spouse to just connect,” “Romance! Romance! Romance!” and “You have to prioritise your relationship” were the mantras drilled into my brain. Husband and I had grand plans of … Read more date night