day 20: Skip the schedule

This post is day 20. New to the series? Start here. Thanks to all of you who have shared these posts and commented, I so appreciate it. Do say hello if you’ve been reading or are new. It would be lovely to meet you. If you want hundreds of other great 31 Days topics, you can find them here.

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Fehman is a German island a ferry ride away from the southern shores of Denmark. It sits in the Baltic Sea a few kilometers away from northern Germany. The little town is full of quaint shops and German restaurants on red brick streets and large cobblestones. It is the first week of September, the tourist rush is gone, but cheerful visitors remain.

We were there as a means to an end. We were driving from Stockholm to Frankfurt, supposedly a 15-hour drive, and we knew we wanted to make it as slow and easy as possible for our kids. So we stopped in Copenhagen and spent the night there, looked around in the city for a few hours before driving again three hours to Fehman. The next morning, I wanted to get an early start to work on the six hours it would take to get to Frankfurt. I knew we would have to stop a few times, I didn’t want to get there late at night, but Husband had a different idea. Let’s take the kids to the sea, and they can run around a bit.

He drove us around, we were looking for a lighthouse. What we found instead was a German military outpost that looked like a lighthouse, but beyond it was an isolated beach.

It took our breath away.

The water sparkled, the sand powder soft between my toes, the boys threw rocks into the sea. It is our thing after all. There was something magical about this unexpected stop. It was like this beach had been set aside for us. We arrived and noticed.

I am all about a schedule, and they are necessary to stay sane in the world of small kids and travel. But there is a time when putting the schedule aside is the best thing I can do for my soul and for my family. We were only there for an hour, but each one of us needed it.

We needed the beauty of the sea to rub healing salve into our goodbye wounds, we needed to be surprised, to see that there was a table prepared for us on this little island we knew nothing about, we needed to know that we could taste and see the goodness of God anywhere.

Because it’s not only about letting go and saying goodbye. It is also about receiving the gifts, the little and big ways that He pours his love out on his children. Skipping the schedule makes room in my heart to start to believe the truth: Good things are coming, good things come from his hand. Open your eyes, heart of mine, and see again, He gives us the desires of our hearts.

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Now it’s your turn: How can you skip your schedule today? Can you take some time to write down the little surprises from God in your day?

I’m linking up with Jennifer and Holley today. 


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14 thoughts on “day 20: Skip the schedule”

  1. receiving the gifts….yes. I have to be willing to let go of my schedule as necessary to receive the fresh grace God wants to give me. Thank you for this reminder; I always need it!

  2. My kids are all older now, but the times we skipped the schedule are the basis for some of my favorite memories. All you say is so true and what a gift you are giving your children to implement it so beautifully! Found you at Tell his Story. Thankful I did!

  3. Ah, what an enchanting time for your family! I spend time each morning recording the things I am thankful for–it helps set the tone of my day. I started almost a year ago, and it has made a big difference in how I handle stress.

  4. I enjoyed your post so much!

    thank you for taking us on your journey and for sharing how God met you in the “unplanned” stop that He had planned just for you.

    As my husband and I have gotten older, we have learned that allowing our vacation days to just “go with the flow” have yielded the best possible days.

  5. Devi, I’m all for sticking to “the schedule,” too, but I know I’ve missed a lot of sweet memories over the years because of it. To think that so much blessing can come from one unexpected hour on the beach … I’m so glad you took the time to stop! (It’s also nice to see you in the featured spot at #TellHIsStory this week …)

    • Hi Lois! I love my schedule, too, and I think it’s a way for me to stay sane in the INSANE years of small kids… I guess it’s just figuring out when to let it go and when to hold on, because at the right time, it’s good to hold on as well. Thanks you so much for stopping by!


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