day 30: laundry, a case study

The Scenario

The building dryer breaks, leaving you with four big loads of laundry that need to dry and only two drying racks. Not to mention your son doesn’t have enough warm clothes to wear for these wintry October days.

The Solution

You pull out the two drying racks, leave baby’s clothes in the dryer while you run it multiple times in the hopes that by evening after at least seven hours in there it will be marginally dry. You hang the remaining laundry on the racks in the living room.

The Attitude

And here is where you have choices.

Choice 1 – Complain

I can’t believe the dryer broke, God only knows we pay enough rent for this apartment, and they can’t even keep a dryer running. 

Choice 2 – Compare

I’m sure no one else’s dryer breaks. Most of my friends own dryers, what’s wrong with us. I can’t think when there’s no space in my living room this is driving me crazy. 

Choice 3 – Thankfulness

For a way to dry our wet laundry

For the joy on Small One’s face when he first saw the racks with laundry on it, like he thought I was surprising him with a game. 

For the endless rounds of hide and seek we played in, around and through the drying clothes.

For those giant eyes lit up in wonder as he walked through the drying rack, under the sheet, like he was enjoying his own tiny cave.

For the way he couldn’t stop wandering in and out of the drying laundry because the game never got old.

For an idea of how to build him a fort in the future. 

For how he scurried under the drying racks to be sneaky and get away from me even though I knew the whole time where he was going. 

For the squeals, for the giggles, for the laughter that came from his heart. 

For the freedom it gave me to play, to just play with my son. 

Thankfulness works. It is the only thing that can change our attitudes, our outlook and our character without changing our circumstances. 

I’m writing daily in October as part of The Nester’s 31 Days challenge, check out my posts here, and head over to the Nesting Place for other great 31 Days topics.

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