when our heartbreak lets in light

It was yet another beautiful autumn afternoon, Husband and my oldest son were playing chess on the deck, our youngest was napping, and I was watching our yard. It’s our first year here, and we are still getting a feel for our land and what to do with it. There is a shed to one side of the garden, and in front of it a rectangular piece of earth that used to be a sandpit. The family who lived here before us planted a mini tree of sorts in this spot; it is a lean little thing coming out of the ground, with woody branches and maybe 20 wide, purple leaves.

Last weekend I realised the tree is now yellow and orange, the leaves are the shape of hearts and the sun was shining on one, setting it on fire. They were glowing.

I pulled out my camera, crouched low, and worked with the settings. Soon enough I saw cracks and holes in several leaves, and then this happened.

flower sun 3

flower sun

You know that thing in your life – the thing that person did and it left a mark on you? The betrayal you experienced that was profound, personal and intimate? The disappointment you feel in the shadow of rejections and letdowns? The dreams you dreamed for decades that were never realised? The time you spent in a wilderness of confusion, darkness and depression?

These are the holes in our hearts. We run away from them. We find medications for it. We want to patch it up and move on as fast as we can because we think it will make the pain go away. 

But look at the hole in the heart.

The light is coming through. The light unveils the broken leaf’s beauty.  The light is taking over. 

There is more for us than our experiences. We are not the victims of the choices of other people. Our identity is not found in what has been said about us or what has been done to us. I don’t know what you are facing today when you read this, but I want you to know that whatever the hole is in your heart, there is light that will shine through it.

The light will shine on others. The light will take over your heart, and it is the light that will be seen. 

I’m linking up with Jennifer and the #TellHisStory crew. 

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10 thoughts on “when our heartbreak lets in light”

  1. Popping over (a little late) from Friday shares on hope*writers. This is beautiful and encouraging. (I, like many or most, I imagine, am in a season where parts feel broken. I’m tucking this away in my heart for a bit.)

  2. Hello friend, i was looking for encouragement today and I found it. Beautiful way of expressing your ideas with images..
    THe last paragraph was just what I needed to hear! Thank you Devi


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